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Our patients can locate a neighborhood medical clinic that provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic and treatment services under one roof. Our clinic accepts new patients from the surrounding areas.

As a top, completely integrative medical clinic, NuMedX‘s professional medical team can treat every member of the family. The office is dedicated to detecting and treating chronic pain and is one of the few medical institutions in the area that offers cutting-edge therapy.

Our Punxsutawney, PA clinic provides relief to patients suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, sciatica, back pain, and broad joint discomfort. Because of their significant training in establishing the reason for unknown pain, the highly skilled physicians are well-known in the area for assisting several chronic pain sufferers.

Even if they’ve had previous unsuccessful treatments, patients frequently find the support they need at our clinic, where our compassionate staff is dedicated to discovering pain relief and treatment choices for all of their patients, regardless of diagnosis.

Call our Punxsutawney, PA office at (814) 618-5295 for more information or to request an appointment.

Welcoming New Patients

We’re always looking forward to meeting new patients at our clinic. When you first visit us, we will make it our number one goal to have you healthy again as quickly as we can. Every time that you enter our doors, we will evaluate how the last session went so that every appointment is a step in the right direction. No matter how you hurt yourself, we will find a way to safely help you.

As well as any current or previous medical records, make sure to bring a list of your current medications. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please call us at (814) 618-5295 if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment.

We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule. Request an appointment today!

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About NuMedX

Having one area of your body out of place can throw everything else out of alignment. Here at NuMedX, we specialize in correcting your body and making you feel better again.

Being in pain can not only ruin your day, but possibly also your month or even your entire year. If you are experiencing pain, you may be out of alignment and need to be put back into place. Your body functions better when everything works harmoniously.

Our qualified and friendly staff will help correct your pain and have you back to feeling better again. Although you may feel great after just one session, we also want to make sure that you never feel that pain again. We will work with you to develop a plan that will require light stretching, some exercise, and an ice pack. Nothing that we request will hurt; in fact, it will only make you feel better.

Dr. Reed



Patient Coordinator


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Rehab Tech

Devon Penman

Rehab Tech


Rehab Tech


Rehab Manager

Rachel Lucullo, CRNP

Margaret Swanson, CRNP

What Our Patients Are Saying


Tina P.

NuMedx is a clean, safe environment. Talk about TEAMWORK, they all work together to take care of all my needs. From Dr. Reed to the entire NuMedX staff they are very friendly, professional, yet down to earth. I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs it.

Bryan T.

Been coming here for about two months now, I have a pretty bad shoulder injury. Dr Reed and his staff are great very informative and helpful. They've been helping me recover so I can resume my normal life.

Sabrina W.

This is the best chiropractor in punxsy they help me out with so many things exactly my migraines head Acke plus they help me get walking again after I ingurned my back years ago I would recommend Numedx.

Dan W.

These guys are awesome! They have helped my back quite a bit so far, and are in the process of getting me back to a more normal way of life.

Donna S.

The people are really great people and it's only the 3rd time in here for my hip so will let you know more as time goes on,starting to see some improvement
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