Stephen Avatar
7/31/2023 - Google
Staff helpful and courteous with nice facilities
Jeff Y. Avatar
Jeff Y.
7/31/2023 - Google
Fantastic place to go. Fast and very friendly. Will recommend to everyone I know
Gregory Z. Avatar
Gregory Z.
7/24/2023 - Google
Excellent level of care! Dr Reed and his staff are very thorough. So much more than routine chiropractic care, this practice will utilize various therapies to help get you moving again.
Tyler C. Avatar
Tyler C.
6/25/2023 - Google
Amazing staff. They're always friendly and willing to work with you in any way.
Brady S. Avatar
Brady S.
6/06/2023 - Google
Great staff and quick appointments.
Tim S. Avatar
Tim S.
6/06/2023 - Google
Place is nice.
Ervin Avatar
6/04/2023 - Google
Best place around
Jill S. Avatar
Jill S.
6/04/2023 - Google
I’m so glad I found NuMedX!! The staff and Dr. Reed have been so kind and caring. I was having issues with my hips staying in place and with my sciatic nerve that was affecting my toes. I had been to many doctors with no help. They listened to me and have helped me immensely. I now have feeling back in my toes and am able to walk long distances without pain. Thank you so much NuMedX
Vandyn R. Avatar
Vandyn R.
5/12/2023 - Google
Great overall experience. Staff helpful and humorful.
Tommy H. Avatar
Tommy H.
5/11/2023 - Google
Very nice people to deal with
Bryce G. Avatar
Bryce G.
5/06/2023 - Google
Very good people to go to and very professional
Bryan H. Avatar
Bryan H.
4/29/2023 - Google
Best decision I ever made ! My quality of life is amazing. I am impressed with what Numedx has done for my knees . No surgery for me and I feel great . Thank you.
Derek M. Avatar
Derek M.
4/29/2023 - Google
Came in for a drug test for work. It was crazy to see the changes they did to the old elementary school. Very nice place and staff.
justyn k. Avatar
justyn k.
4/29/2023 - Google
Great staff ! Quick services for DOT physicals.
Linda H. Avatar
Linda H.
4/29/2023 - Google
I have NEVER experienced such a wonderful life changing medical facility in my life ! The staff are exceptional in all that they do ! I was not walking well when I came in I had to use a cane and walker now I am cane and walker free ! I feel so much better ! I would highly recommend Numedx to anyone who is in pain or ready to regain their life back !
Cody S. Avatar
Cody S.
4/29/2023 - Google
Great place too go and have drug testing and physical great people really recommend this place!!!
E Q. Avatar
E Q.
4/29/2023 - Google
After years of being affraid to sneeze due to the pain it created in my lower back i finnaly can without fear of the pain ,Thanks to Dr Reed and his team my back.issues are well under control. Highly remcomend if you have any joint issue contact them ,they will do their best to bring you relief and well being
Ryan F. Avatar
Ryan F.
2/11/2023 - Google
Everyone is very friendly and helpful
John M. Avatar
John M.
1/28/2023 - Google
Came in as a walk in for two drug tests. The girls were great, friendly, professional. Might quit driving to come work here🤫😉 Keep up the great work ladies🤙😊
Kevin H. Avatar
Kevin H.
1/06/2023 - Google
Amazing and fun staff! I’m from New Jersey and wish I had them closer!